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Databank is in the stage of filling up and testing.

19A050501_02_051. Distribution of the population by native language, Odeska oblast (1,2,3,4)


It is possible to select certain territorial aggregations in the window of the table creation by means of the pop-down menu from the variable name Region. The first territorial aggregation is named as DISTRICTS AND CITIES OF REGIONAL IMPORTANCE, the others - as certain districts.

Conventional signs:
hyphen (-) - phenomenon was not observed
zero (0.00) - the phenomenon took place but in lower values than can be expressed with used digital number orders

Extra notes:
The list of settlements of administrative-territorial division (variable Region) is presented in transliteration.

The English version of some transliterated Ukrainian words is presented below:
Region = rehion / oblast
District = raion
UTS (urban type settlements) = SMT (selyshche miskoho typu)
City = misto (m.)
Council (municipality) = rada
City council = miskrada
Village = selo (s.)
Village council = silrada
Hamlet = selyshche (s-shche)

Українська English

Databank has been implemented with the PX-Web technology.

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