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     The total number of the population of Ukraine according to general estimations, at the end of XVIII century was 7.9 mln. people. By the middle of XIX century it grew up to 12.1 mln. In 1913 the population reached 35.2 mln.

    During century in Ukraine has been observed an increase in population, which periodically was interrupted by war and famine. In 1989, the number of residents in Ukraine exceeded the level of 1913 (in current limits) at 1.5 times.

    But already in 1960 the preconditions of depopulation were laid:
    - transition to the narrowed regeneration of generations (generation of daughters became smaller than the generation of their mothers);
    - development of population ageing.

Note. 1913 and 1939 according to an estimate in the currect limits, 1959-2001 according to population censuses, 2012 on the 1 st of January according to curent calculations.

     After reaching the maximum value (52.2 mln. at the beginning of 1993) population for 1993 - 2011 decreased by 6.6 mln. people.

     The main factor of the depopulation of Ukraine is a natural movement. From 1991 till now the total number of deaths in the country exceeds the number of births. External migration balance was negative in 1994 - 2004.

     More than 2/3 of Ukraines population (69 %) live in urban settlements. For the period of 1939 2011 the level of urbanization (share of urban population) increased twofold, the value of 50% this indicator reached in 1963.

     The development of urbanization took place mainly due to migration flows to cities from rural areas. During 1959-2011 with an increase in the total population on 9% the number of urban population increased by 64%, while the number of rural population has decreased by 37%.

     Ukraine belongs to countries with a high degree of population ageing. The share of people aged 60 and over increased compared with 1959 by 1.8 times.

     Today the population of Ukraine is about 46 mln. people. For the number of residents our country ranks seventh among all European countries (after Russia, Germany, Turkey, Britain, France and Italy) or fifth - among countries that are located completely in Europe.

     The population density of Ukraine - 76 people per 1 sq. km., the average age - 40 years, life expectancy at birth - 70 years. Per 1000 women account for 856 men.

     Ethnic Ukrainians dominate in the national composition, which according to the All-Ukrainian population census in 2001 amounted to 78%. Ukrainian language was considered as native by 67.5% of the population.

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