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 Institute for Demography and Social Studies named after M.V. Ptukha of the NAS of Ukraine
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Demographic Yearbook Population of Ukraine, 2011" - Kyiv, SSS of Ukraine, 2012 - 450p.
The yearbook provides population statistics by region, urban settlement and rural area; sex and age composition of the population, its distribution on the country territory. It also shows data on births by sex and age of mother and father; deaths by age and cause of death; marriages by age of married persons; divorces by duration of marriage; annual migration and international comparisons.
ukr Printed edition december 450
Statistical Collected Book Available Population of Ukraine, as of January 1, 2012 - Kyiv, SSS of Ukraine, 2012 - 120p.
Provides information on the present population, its density in Ukraine and its regions, number of present population in cities and towns, districts and urban-type.
ukr Printed edition electronic archive june 120
Statistical Collected Book Resident Population of Ukraine by Sex and Age, as of January 1, 2012 - Kyiv, SSS of Ukraine, 2012 - 420p.
Includes data on number and sex and age composition of resident population in Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, regions, Kyiv, areas subordinated to the Sevastopol city council, and cities and towns with 100,000 inhabitants and more. It also presents data on demographic burden upon working-age population, population aged 1564, the average and median age of the population.
ukr Printed edition   electronic archive july 420

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