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Monitoring of prices on consumer goods and services


We offer a graphic presentation of price-wave on selected consumer goods and services in L’viv region. In every proposed group of goods and services are selected items that are in popular demand by the population.

The monitoring is carried out by specially trained price registrars of prices – the employees of Main Statistical Office in L’viv region who every month visit over 1200 commercial and service sphere enterprises.

For each month the information in the figures is shown visually (the value of the indicator is displayed at key points) and reflects an increase or decrease (-) in per cents the price of the month against the average price in 2010. For example, 40 % in February 2011 on wheat flour means that the price of wheat flour in February 2011 as compared to 2010 has increased on average by 40 %.

Bread, grains
Milk, cheese, eggs
Other products
Housing, water, electricity
Health care
Household appliances, home appliances
Personal consumption goods

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